UPM and McGill publish CumuloNimbo results at VLDB Journal

UPM and McGill publish CumuloNimbo results on a replicated cache  at VLDB Journal. VLDB Journal is ranked first the two categories of the Journal Citation Report (JCR) of ISI in which it appears, computer science-information systems and computer-science-hardware&architecture. The article is the first to provide snapshot consistency for Java EE application servers. Current Java EE application servers simply behave inconsistently when used with a database providing snapshot isolation such as Oracle or PostgreSQL. The article shows how to build a cache that provides snapshot isolation consistently in combination with databases providing snapshot isolation. It also shows how to replicate the cache in multiple nodes to attain scalability and high availability.

The article will appear online at VLDB Journal web page.

  • Francisco Perez-Sorrosal · Marta Patiño-Martinez · Ricardo Jimenez-Peris · Bettina Kemme.
  • Elastic SI-Cache: consistent and scalable caching in multi-tier architectures.
  • VLDB Journal. In press.
  • DOI 10.1007/s00778-011-0228-8