CumuloNimbo project selected to be an exhibitor at ICT 2013 conference at Vilnius

If you belong to the grand public and are curious about what is cloud computing
and how it works, our stand offers you a set of tablets with Apps to learn about
cloud playing with games.

If you are a technical person or a scientist interested in cutting edge technologies, we will show
you how CumuloNimbo has transformed the cloud and now it is able to combine
the promises of scalability of the cloud with the consistency and ease of use of
traditional technologies, namely transactional databases and SQL.

If you are an investor or belong to a company interested in acquiring leading edge
startups, we will show you how the new startup we are creating to commercialize CumuloNimbo
technologies will exploit new business opportunities thanks to the competitives advantages
of CumuloNimbo results.

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