Flexiant appears in a Raconteur supplement

The past 22nd of November 2012 Flexiant appeared in a Raconteur supplement: "Working in the Cloud" featured in The Times newspaper, read by 710,000 people per day. 

Professor Armando Fox (University of California, Berkeley) visits UPM

Professor Armando Fox (Computer Sciences Faculty, University of California, Berkeley) visits UPM and gives a speech titled "Crossing the educational edge" of the software engineering using Software as a service and Cloud Computing on the 19th of September 2012.

UPM tour in Silicon Valley

Prof. Ricardo Jimenez-Peris from UPM has made a tour in Silicon Valley curing 7-12th May 2012 visiting top companies in the cloud landscape presenting and publicizing CumuloNimbo.

CumuloNimbo paper on ERCIM News Special Issue on Big Data

A white paper on CumuloNimbo has been published in the ERCIM news special issue on Big Data:


Cumulo-Nimbo paper accepted for being presented at CloudFutures 2012 - May 7–8, 2012 | Berkeley, California, USA

UPM, Minho and McGill have written a joint paper on CumuloNimbo early results of scalable transactional Java that have been accepted for presented at Cloud Futures 2012  May 7–8, 2012 | Berkeley, California, USA.

Towards a Paradigm Shift in Cloud Data Stores

Today the industry is at an inflection point in the growth of big unstructured data that is motivating the need for storage systems that are optimized for extremely large-scale data – large in:

Yahoo! Presented Omid at HUG Meetup in Bay Area

Yahoo! presented Omid, its open source release for transactional HBase, at Hadoop User Group (HUG) meetup in the bay area. HUG organizers have released the video of the presentation on YouTube:


Yahoo! Presented Omid (Transactional HBase) at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, Cloudera, and HortonWorks

Yahoo! presented Omid at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, in which the top researchers are working on efficient support of transactions on top distributed key-value stores. Moreover, Yahoo! presented Omid at major hadoop players, Cloudera and Hortonworks.

Omid is the open source project released under the umbrella of CumuloNimbo (https://github.com/yahoo/omid/). Omid provides transactional support on top of distributed data stores including HBase.


CumuloNimbo selected to participate in the ICT Finance Market Place

CumuloNimbo has been selected as one of the projects with the highest potential impact among the ones that submitted a proposal to participate in the ICT Finance Market Place part of Tech Media Europe to be held in Lisbon on 26th March 2012. In this event the exploitation plans for the planned spinoff to commercialize CumuloNimbo main results will be presented to search for capital investment. Prof. Ricardo Jimenez-Peris will be presenting the exploitation plans of the planned spin-off and the CumuloNimbo breakthroughs in cloud computing.

CumuloNimbo among the 5-top projects with highest potential impact in SEQUOIA assessment study

SEQUOIA has performed an socio-economic impact assessment study of 30 EU projects in the area of Software as a Service and Internet of Services. CumuloNimbo has been one of the projects analyzed and it has been on of the 5-top-scored projects with highest potential impact among all the projects studied. Prof. Ricardo Jimenez-Peris as technical coordinator has been invited to present the project at the SEQUOIA Final Conference to be held in the EU Commission premises on 13th March 2012.


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