CumuloNimbo Kickoff meeting at Madrid 7-8 Oct. 2010

The CumuloNimbo project has held the kickoff meeting at UPM premises in Madrid (Spain) during 7-8 Oct. 2010.

CumuloNimbo presented at the Internet of Services meeting

The CumuloNimbo has been presented at the Internet of Services: Collaboration meeting for FP6 & FP7 projects during 19-20 october 2010 at Brussels.


CumuloNimbo is a European project that has been funded by the European Commission under the 7th Programme Framework (FP7). The project has run from 1st Oct. 2009 to 30th Sept. 2013. The project has attained outstanding results. In particular, it has solved one of the most demanding problems for cloud databases, the scalability of transactional and SQL processing.

The project results include:


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